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Better Minds at Work

Better Minds at Work is our regular partner with whom we are proudly working together when it comes to 'how do people really make people more resilient?' And based on an evidence-based approach and based on positive psychology.


Making people 'more resilient' in many different domains:

- how can I as a person focus more on what is important to me in my personal growth?
- how can I, as an employee, grow in a more meaningful and energy-focused way to translate my personal ambition into a professionally realistic goal?
- how can I encourage myself and others to explore 'unknown paths' in myself and my environment (organization)?
- how can I train and manage my brain in such a way that it gives me inner peace and focus in those moments when I am most vulnerable?
- how can we, as a team, look for a resilient way of working together that leads to better performance?
- how can we as an organization focus on the most talented part of it, the people who commit themselves every day from their authenticity and enthusiasm to give the best of themselves as a contribution to the ultimate higher goal: a distinctive result from a passionate sense of purpose ?


But much more important and much more fundamental is 'the deeper why' we work with Better Minds at Work!


Because we as organizations TaPasCity and Better Minds at Work start from an indestructible common DNA that inspires, invites and encourages us to connect the best of ourselves with the conviction that this is an added value, much more than the sum of the individual parts.


Based on common values ​​such as: integrity, authenticity and transparency. This makes the TaPasCity-Better Minds at Work tandem so complementary that we have consciously chosen to test many customer demands with and with each other in order to jointly determine how we can make the difference where the customer gains and becomes inspired by it, and as a result we have become a little bit richer in acquired insights.


We would like to invite you to visit the Better Minds at Work website: https://bettermindsatwork.com/

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