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  • Why

    Win the war for talent, talent development pays off!

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  • What

    From TaPasCity, we guide you to make yourself and your organization future proof and TaPas proof.

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  • How

    We often use the words "talent" and "passion", but what do these concepts really mean and how can you map that out?

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Everything around us is changing at breakneck speeds


More and more jobs, tasks and processes are being taken over by machines, computers and robots. We want to achieve everything as fast as possible, we want to achieve more results but with fewer people and resources. How can we stand up to this paradoxical situation as a human being? How can we continue making the difference?

The only way to respond to this, is by being able to work from our passion and talents. Making this possible is a shared responsibility. As an individual, we have to commit ourselves to personal development and lifelong learning. As a community, we must ensure that we create the right context for people to grow from passion and talent.


From TaPasCity, we guide both the individual and the community to focus on developing their passion and talent - that way, you do not only make your organization or company future proof, but also TaPas proof. By working on this, you can continue to make a difference as a person and as an organization.


 TaPascity guides people in their search


We often use the words "talent" and "passion", but where is the actual difference between competences and how can that map you out?


TaPasCity has developed its own method that is fully scientifically founded and which provides an answer to the following questions:

·   Who am I as a person - which values ​​and norms are important to me as a professional?

·   What are my talents and to what extent do they give me energy (yet)?

·   Which palette of Talents & Passion do I have? And how much of it do I actually use?

·   Which skills support my talents?

·   What conditions do I need to successfully use my talents?

·   Do I feel that what I do as a professional fits with whom I want to be as a person?

·   Is there a strong connection between me and the organization which I work for?

In this way, we map a holistic image for the individual, the team and the organization.


Starting from the unique abilities that make us who we are 

From TaPasCity, we guide you to make yourself and your organization future proof and TaPas proof to remain competitive. Our tailor-made guidance courses are meant for:

* you as an individual when you are at a crossroads in your career and want to make choices based on talent and passion. That way, you come into contact (again) with your own potential and your professional choices better fit with who you really are.

* you as a team leader when you want to put effort into the TaPas of each individual employee in order to optimally strengthen your team. In this way, you achieve maximum results with minimal energy loss.

* you as a manager who represents a challenging change process and proactively wants to map the present and necessary TaPas ™. In this way, you create maximum support and build a guarantee of success.

* you as a management team that wants to show the true dynamics of your organization in order to: be able to proactively tackle the retention policy, to be able to continue to fascinate and connect employees. That way, you will not only keep your own organization fresh and healthy, but you will remain alert to stay ahead of the competition.

* Your organization as a concrete first step in setting up and implementing a distinctive Talent Development programme that is cross-competence and behavioral - and really wants to give space to and use the Talent & Passion of employees.

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