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"Everyone has talent - what is rare is the courage to follow the talent where it leads"


"Everyone has talents for which they have the energy to distinguish themselves within an organization."


"We are not a team because we work together.  We are a team because."



The story of TapasTM started in 2013 at DHL Global Forwarding. The then HR director asked Marc Debisschop a simple question: "Marc, we want to do something for our HighPotentials - but before we start, how could we 'spot' our talented employees?" Finding the answer was less simple. Not being a real method for mapping talent and passion, Marc saw this as a real challenge and started his own research. For three years Marc worked together with developmental psychologists, pedagogues, professors in psychometrics, mathematics and statistics from different Flemish universities to ultimately arrive at the Tapas philosophy and instruments.


TapasTM is an abbreviation of TAlent and PASsion in which we use the following definition of these terms:

Talent is the unique ability to do things faster, better and with less effort than others.

Passion is the energy source that keeps your talent moving.


The Tapas philosophy holds the belief that every individual has a unique combination of talents that can give him or her energy (passion) with which to distinguish themselves within an organization.

We explain how we look at Tapas for children, young people and schools on the Tapas Education page. We collected our vision on Tapas for all other organizations under the name Tapas Business.


For more information about the Tapas instruments, click on the link that leads to the 'tools' page.



The story of Amelia Earhart is an example of someone who recognized her talent and followed her passion. Amelia worked as a nurse in a military hospital in Canada during WWI. Afterwards she started working as a social worker in Boston. When she went to an air show when she was twenty, this was a revelation for her: she discovered her real passion and realized that she had to fly.


Shortly thereafter she took flying lessons and eventually became world famous because in 1932 she was the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic. In 1935 she did this solo and this time across the Pacific Ocean. She described the moment when she made contact with her own talent and passion: “As the plane swooped by, something inside me awakened. I didn't understand it at the time, but I believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by. I knew I had to fly. "

More info about Amelia Earheart can be found here: www.ameliaearhart.com



We called our organization TaPasCity, a community of inspired independent employees - "Crewmembers" - who reinforce each other and support each other in discovering and deploying their own Tapas. In this way we create the space to keep learning and to expand our own Tapas career from "practioner" to "coach" and "change facilitator". The corresponding internal training calendar can be found in the Tapas Academy.


Just as the Tapas philosophy is still a unique way of looking at talent and passion, the Tapas Cockpit has shaped our organization in a unique way.

In the Tapas Cockpit there are Tapas people who are a specialist in their domain or bear responsibility in the organization. The combination of these people within a helicopter vision ensures a solid policy in the organization (move your cursor over the person to see the name):


Marc Debisschop: Founder, Executive coach & Change facilitator.

Ann Verhoeven: Partner and Business Manager.

Joris Van Gestel: Chief Operating Officer & Finance.

Karel Moons: Responsible Tapas for Education.
Kris Debisschop: Responsible Tapas for Organizations.

Caroline Lachat: Tapas Business Partner.

Nadja Bakx-Trimbos: Responsible TaPasCity Netherlands.

Alan Bakx: Responsible TaPasCity Netherlands.


By learning to recognize when we are in our power, we can always give the best of ourselves to guide others in the search for talent and passion.

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