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Puzzle 4 TaPas

As children of the online revolution, the use of social media and all applications of the internet are known to us since we were kids.

When we ended up with young, enthusiastic self-employed people during the last year of our marketing education, the realisation gradually began to grow that we had a similar future ahead of us.

Horror stories from befriended, self-employed people who made budget for advertising activities without being aware of what happened to their money and often saw few results, made our blood secretly boil. We were perplexed when we were told that self-employed people had to wait for weeks sometimes to see minor changes to their website.

If the digital revolution has taught us one thing, it is that there is always a way to get something done more efficient and more quickly. This foreknowledge, together with a healthy portion of trust in one's own abilities, eventually came together to become Puzzle, an online marketing agency!

Armed with a healthy portion of confidence in their own abilities and the latest digital tools, Puzzle will help SMEs during their journey through the digital jungle. In a time where the first impression of the consumer has already been made when they look up a business online, the digital presence plays an immensely important role. The reputation of an SME depends on its website or social media channels.

Just because SMEs are the engine of the Belgian economy, we give them a boost and Puzzle ensures that they no longer have to worry about their digital presence. In this way, they can concentrate on their main activity for a 100% and grow towards a successful future confidently, together with Puzzle. More information about our work can be found on our website


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