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YouLegend – Discover your talents & become a true legend

Each of us is living a specific story in which you play the leading role. Some elements in that story are fixed from the beginning: what your name is, where you were born and who the first characters are to give shape to your story.

Gradually, you write more and more text and build up the decor so that you create your own legend.

But what if you are not a writer, what if you do not immediately find the right words, what if you cannot hammer and your decor does not look like the one you dreamt of?

How to create your own legend if you do not know how to start it?

You can hide in a small corner and wait anxiously until someone comes to help you. You can copy another story hoping that it will be yours someday. You can instruct others to write a story for you. Or you can take matters into your own hands and search for the way in which you best create your own legend.

Just as Hans Bourlon, CEO of Studio 100 puts it: "the story starts with the entrepreneurial spirit - you keep playing gameboy in your seat, you let your life ripple on the waves and see where you are being led to or do you take matters into your own hands? Are you going to determine your own direction?"

You can therefore go on a voyage of discovery to find your own talents and passion.

Just like Jasper Lambrechts did: "Entrepreneurial attitude is not just for entrepreneurs - everyone must have that entrepreneurial attitude to search for the talents you have and that way, you can discover which direction you want to go and how you can make the difference later on"

Would you like to know how you can discover your own TaPas and become a real legend just like Jasper?

Then click on this site and fill in the TaPas questionnaire. There are some tough TaPas legends waiting for you to take you on a voyage of discovery and to guide you in finding your talents and passion!

Together, we make You Legend


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