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TaPasCity NL

Why TaPasCity Netherlands?

TaPasCity Netherlands is a network that originated from the mission of Dutch, accredited Tapas coaches.

The mission to give Tapas in the Netherlands more shape so that everyone in the Netherlands can learn, live and work from his / her Tapas. TaPasCity Netherlands consists of accredited Tapas coaches, each of whom uses Tapas from his / her own company. We find each other through cooperation, sharing knowledge and experience.


How do we want to do that?

By combining our strengths, knowledge, experience and network. Support each other from here and work together.


Then what do we do?

We meet regularly to exchange ideas, hold peer meetings, keep each other informed of Tapas projects that are running in the Netherlands, share knowledge, etc.

Because we work closely together, we are even better able to respond to questions asked by customers. After all, everyone has his / her own expertise and network.


We ensure that Dutch customers find us more easily through this separate Dutch page. Wherever we will post stories about how we use Tapas.

In this way we also hope to be a source of inspiration for other Tapas coaches. As a Dutch accredited Tapas coach you have the choice to join us. When you do this, you commit to the above. For example, we see each other as con colleagues (and not as competitors).





Alan Bakx: 06-12612170 

Nadja Bakx-Trimbos: 06-46505511 



Meet the crew members at TaPasCity Netherlands below who are working with or for the Tapas philosophy.

Click on the profile of the crew member of your choice to get to know him / her better.


Nadja Bakx-Trimbos

Wees jezelf, er zijn al zoveel anderen!

Profiel bekijken

Alan Bakx

ZIJN is een werkwoord

Profiel bekijken

Wendy Nijman

Ontdekken wie je écht bent!

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Harold van Dijke

‘een sleutel is om te openen …’

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