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STSK9 and TaPasCity


Situation sketch


STSK9, an innovative (one-man) company in dog training/consultancy and TaPasCity, an organization that has developed scientifically validated tools to map the talent of professionals, want to enter into a far-reaching partnership to develop a completely innovative approach to dog consultancy in the world that is also lucrative.


Substantive diffrentiator


While just about every sector, innovation is the main motivation to remain competitive, this is by no means the case in the dog industry. Research teaches us that innovation there is only based on "transfer of experience and knowledge of so-called experts who achieved certain (competition) results". On the other hand, the dog industry, for example in the US, is a billion dollar industry. There they spend astronomical amounts on pet food and training. A "great gateway" for those who can come knocking on the door with "innovative training methods".


In recent months, the intense collaboration between STSK9 and TaPasCity has resulted in the development of a completely new and, above all, highly innovative methodology, called STSK9 Master View. In short, this means that we have managed to develop a talent scan for a handler/professional who works/trains with a dog - but also managed to develop a talent scan for a working dog. Both fully supported by scientific constructs and validation (from TaPasCity algorithms).


These scans make it possible to screen in a very simple way - maximum 5 minutes completion time - whether the match between handler/professional and the working dog is the right one. Precisely in the sense of: the handler certainly has the talent to develop the full potential of the dog and vice versa.

Often handlers/professionals use not-well-being practices towards their dog because they just lack the talent to solve it differently. Something we want to be able to do something about and create an impact from a purely ethical point of view.


This approach is revolutionary in the sense that nowhere in the world has research been done before, let alone a scan has been developed, which maps the talent of a dog.


First test cases very promising


At the end of August 2020, this innovative approach was "tested" for the first time in a 5-day seminar, with a team of 15 professionals from all over Europe. The outcome of the scans provided "in a split second" insights that were so striking that it immediately became clear what needs to be done in order to develop the maximum potential of handler and dog. Trainees raved about the potential of the scans for their clients.


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