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Tapas crew

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Christophe Fajs adding value for the future

Certified for: Tapas for Professionals

REASONATE.eu is the collaboration between Christophe Fajs and Martine Gorissen. We are entrepreneurs and work for investors and entrepreneurs. REASONATE represents value-driven entrepreneurial coaching. Building strong and complete teams is our passion. We place the individual in relation to the team and build culture in organizations, so that employees embrace change. Our corporate culture is driven by these five principles:

1. Focus on talent.
2. Become smarter. Do not be the smartest.
3. Use scientifically validated methods.
4. Connect, work together, search for a solution and innovate.
5. Shape the future. Make it happen. Create impact.


  • +32485 352 900
  • cfa@reasonate.eu

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