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Tapas crew


Françoise Beckers There’s no change in comfort, and no comfort in change

Certified for Tapas for Professionals

After years of exploring, learning and adjusting, working hard on my happiness and balance, I am today a freelance change & project manager and co-founder at Della Robbia Consulting.

My talent lies in helping small and large organizations to bring them one step closer to their dreams and their goals. In particular, I help to get all people to the finish line, knowing that the finish line jumps more and more often (VUKA world).

I believe that the Tapas philosophy is very valuable in such processes. Are the right people on board to succeed in the change? Do they play a role in which they can fully express their talents to successfully complete the change? Does the organization offer the right context for deploying their talents with energy?


Certified for Tapas for Professionals

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