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Herman Van Esbroeck Make essences visible

Certified for Tapas for Professionals

As a teacher, Herman has been affiliated with the Charlemagne High School, KUL and the Leuven-Limburg University Campus (UCLL).

"Interest for the other" has always been the guiding principle of his commitment: he likes to map out the possibilities, resistances, illusions of people and organizations and provides guidance on how to get started.

Currently Herman is working as a freelance consultant for profit and non-profit organizations. He is a professional trainer in Tapas, enneagram, core qualities, U-theory and organization / system setups. The themes that fascinate him revolve around change, diversity, leadership, talent and inspiration.

Personal development and organizational development go hand in hand for Herman. He always starts from the reality / context as it is and tries to make the essence of development visible. As a facilitator / coach, he enjoys working with individuals and groups for the highest possible future.

Accredited in: 2 Minutes Scan, 4 Minutes Scan, Tapas for Professionals, Lencioni, Leary.


Certified for Tapas for Professionals
  • Rechtstraat 79, 2570 Duffel
  • +32-478-40.52.04
  • herman@tapascity.com

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