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Jan Van Gestel, Ph.D. A happy person is an energized person

Certified for Tapas for Professionals and Tapas for Students

As a senior researcher in sociology at the University of Antwerp, Jan’s specialties are the interrelationships between human and environment. For Jan, there is no homo clausus. Man and his environment are inextricably interlinked. His point of departure is always a thorough analysis of the coachee’s personal situation and his/her social environment to bring balance between both. Hereto he employs a personal approach, including a focus on the inherent individual characteristics and talents of the coachee.

Having authored several scientific publications in sociological and psychological theory formation, and in leisure and sports, Jan has the ability to cover several contexts with expertise. As a member of the Expert commission High Risk Combat sport of the Flemish government and director of a Flemish sports federation, he is expected to have a sound knowledge of psychological and physical integrity, and of small intensive work environments.

Jan employs a well-defined analytical approach at the individual level whereby he probes for the individual needs and wishes in a centripetal fashion, after which he offers solutions.


- Personal coaching and consultancy.

- Specific attention to the context of study, sport and leisure.

- Routinization and deroutinization.

- Analytical sociology and psychology.


Certified for Tapas for Professionals and Tapas for Students
  • jan@neoscope.be

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