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Joris Van Gestel "Tapassionized" from the first hour

A big reason for my indestructible affinity with TaPasCity is that this warm-hearted family and his inspirer Marc Debisschop have shown me what my talents really are, without realizing that I needed them, a giant eye-opener.

I already had a firm and large professional career, but due to circumstances I never had the support in the field of passion and talent, with a feeling of monotonous colorlessness, in which one always - limping to burn-out - continues to perform without actually knowing the reason why.

As a child you learn that you "have to work hard", but you don't really know in which direction or why. Because I have missed this essential support on my path from child, student to entrepreneur, I see like no other the great value of these pillars and the organization that surrounds them.

First of all, on behalf of myself and all our Tapas people (crew members, customers, students and children), I would like to thank Marc Debisschop for setting up this organization with his much needed and necessary tools and guidance, it is an honor as COO to be at the helm of this organization. Also a sincere thanks to Karel Moons, who, with his thorough knowledge and insight, has provided the tools for many children and students to find the right path.

We are all very proud to be able to contribute to an organization that ensures that young and old can find the SENSE again, through talent and passion.


  • joris@tapascity.com

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