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Kelly Snoeck Eye for your potential

Certified for Tapas for Professionals

Kelly obtained her master's degree in Communication Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Management & Communication. After about 12 years of experience in the fields of communication, HR and education, Kelly decided to continue as an independent coach.

Once she had completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Inspiring Coaching, she founded her own coaching practice 'Maniola' where she guides adults towards more happiness in life and work. Kelly also works with a recognized career center for career questions. She always starts from the strengths of a person and believes that everyone has the potential to fully blossom. In addition to her own coaching practice, Kelly also works as a freelance coach for organizations with a focus on talent development and guiding change processes.

Kelly combines her coaching activities with her passion for photography. Through photography she wants to bring people closer to themselves and others. From this angle she often works with visual language in her accompaniments.

Lifelong learning is her motto. Self-development and further professionalization is a continuous process. By being consciously on the road, she hopes to be able to inspire others as well.


Certified for Tapas for Professionals

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