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Marc Debisschop The very relationship with the other is the relationship with the future

« Art is the simple communication of a life image created from emotion. This sharing is an act of fatal human love" Herman Teirlinck wrote in his Dramatic Peripatetic.

I experience it as a privilege to be invited by people and organizations to guide them in the search of what touches them to discover an expression form from their unique talent. And to give shape to the worldview of which they dream through passion of sharing their life vision.

The development of a way to make those talents and passions - unique to you - transparent, is a piece of realisation of my life vision: creating a world in which everyone can live, study and work from whom he/she is in his most existential being: your unique TaPas.

I would therefore like to welcome you in the 'city' of TaPasCity to give shape to your life vision from an engaged support.


  • Zandstraat 85 2110 Wijnegem
  • 0486895069
  • marc@tapascity.com

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