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Certified for TaPas for professionals

As an organization coach, career coach, facilitator, I work with senior management, managers, employees and individuals around: talent management, team development, culture change, leadership, decision making, values ​​and trust in organizations.


· First, an exploratory discussion will take place to investigate the initial question (question investigation)

· Thereafter, the intended result is then determined (determination of impact)

· Depending on the intended result, a development path is rolled out. This can involve a combination of methodologies: coaching, stimulate peer learning, training, process management, change management,...

· I always work from an appreciative approach (Appreciative Inquiry) and in my approach, I am to be guided through insights from system thinking, solution focused therapy, Rational Emotional Therapy (RET), socratic conversation techniques, Large Scale Interventions.

Possible questions:

· We want our organizational values ​​not only to be 'window-dressing', but also checkpoints for our entire operational management. How do we deal with that?

I am stuck in my career. 'Is this all'? Am I doing the right things? Are the things I am good at also the things I like to do? What gives me energy?

· As a manager, I want to better coordinate my team. I want to take account of everyone's talents and everyone's stimulating and obstructing behavioral patterns. How do I deal with this? Which methodologies can I use here? What are my own pitfalls?

· We want to create a way of leadership that stimulates autocontrol of people and challenges them to optimally use their talents. How do we deal with this? Which instruments are available?

· I wonder if being a manager is the right job for me. Is management something for me? How do I keep balance between management and my own expertise?

· Every time I have to work together with that colleague, something goes wrong. What is going on here? How can I deal with this constructively? How can we use each other's strengths and not get stuck in the annoyances?

· ... or any other question that takes place at the intersection individual, team, organization can seduce me to give the best of myself. Let us hear from you!


Certified for TaPas for professionals
  • Mechelen
  • 0498/52.55.51
  • an@tapascity.com

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