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Tapas crew


Sabrine Vandendriessche Be the change you want to see in de world!

Certified for TaPas for professionals

I just love guiding people in finding out who they really are and what touches their soul. As a well-being coach and shiatsu therapist I have supported people in their search for more balance and well-being in their lives for years.

For me TaPas was the missing link in order to work more result oriented and being able to combine body and mind.

What is more satisfying in your life than finding your passion and being able to do the things that energize you and at the same time inspiring people to do the same?

sometimes you need to find the courage to adjust or to change courses when you feel your energy flow is not balanced anymore. Allow yourself to listen to the tiny voice inside you and see which steps you can take. It is really worht it having the courage to be faithful to yourself because this way you can follow your own flow and shine even more. Sometimes it's a process of trial and error. But you will definitely find the way to your inner why! This is not only a gift to ourselves but for the entire environment. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you can all find your inner self!

Mail or call me if you want more information or if you are looking for a TaPas coach who works on body and mind…


Certified for TaPas for professionals
  • 0032 478 92 87 37
  • sabrine@ixpertise.com

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