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Sophie Van Nieuwenhove BE yourself, you are GREAT!

Certified for TaPas for professionals

Dear reader,

My name is Sophie and I am internal Tapas for Professionals practitioner at Dematic NV. This means that I support my fellow employees through Tapas to gain more insight into themselves, their professional talents and passions, their drivers and so on. Through T4P, I can support colleagues during key moments in their careers. Why is it that someone no longer gets energy from a job that he/she has done for so long? Why does someone internally apply for another job? Where can someone optimally use his or her talents? Which parts of a job give a certain employee energy and which cost energy? Every employee does have a different story and a different need for guidance. Through a T4P profile, I provide colleagues insights and I guide them to continue to work motivated and full of energy.

I am extremely people-oriented. I think it is very nice to work with people and to search for new insights and awareness together.




Certified for TaPas for professionals
  • Beveren-Waas
  • sophie.vannieuwenhove6@gmail.com

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