Tapas crew

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TaPas manifesto You do not manifest what you want. You manifest what you believe.

1. "I am grateful for the talents I possess. It is my existential task to continue to develop and use these in function of my own well-being and those of my environment, so that they get to know, appreciate and develop their talents as well."

2. "I sincerely believe that both myself and others are happy with each other: to trust, reliable, constructive, transparent, from a wide worldview, both talent & passionately driven."

3. "I have the moral task of keeping myself "holistically fit", that is to say, that I take care of my physical and emotional health, my intellectual eagerness and that I keep taking the connection between my own life vision & mission seriously. I am not afraid to say that I need support from others if I no longer succeed anymore."

4. "Ethics and deontology are the most important professional values ​​within TaPasCity which I too represent, strive for and which I carry out."



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