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Tapas crew


Tony Ramboer Inspiring And Helping People To Trust And To Rely On Their Unique Set Of Talents

Certified for TaPas for professionals

As a talent Manager within Dematic, I strive to support colleagues to gain insight in their set of talents and how we can change this into the context that gives them energy to keep in touch with the organization. As an internal coach and facilitator, the T4P offers a clear starting point for each employee, based on an enhanced self-understanding. From there on, we continue building on the drivers and talents more consciously, so that conscious choices are the source of pleasure in the job. As an internal job coach, I can easily understand the context and change it into the Tapas image and look forward to what could be potential future possibilities.

Personally, I find it important to help initiating movement and to continue to cherish movement and I am personally committed to this with a lot of drive.


Certified for TaPas for professionals
  • Dematic Baarbeek 1 2070 ZWijndecht
  • 036411865
  • tony.ramboer@dematic.com

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