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Wendy Nijman Discover who you really are!

Certified for Tapas for Professionals and Tapas for Students

All the knowledge and experiences that I have gained shaped me not only as a professional, but especially as a person. With this knowledge and experience I also found out that I have done many things because;

- it happened to come my way
- it belonged to the job
- a supervisor told me to
- there was financial or social pressure

I've done nice things and it has brought me a long way. But if I am honest I have usually been “in the service” of others and I have passed myself by.

Do what I like again: what I am good at and what makes me shine. Working from my talents and passions. I had to build my own foundation for this with my experiences, intuition and belief in myself. An intense yet beautiful process, which has brought me to where I am now. But could this have been done differently, perhaps easier?

Maybe you are about to choose a study or is it time for something else?

With TaPas I help you discover who you really are. To be able to make choices from there that really suit you. Because wherever you want to go, the basis starts with yourself.


Certified for Tapas for Professionals and Tapas for Students
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