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Willem Manuputty I have never done it, so I think I can do it!

Certified for TaPas for professionals

Willem Manuputty, the youngest in a Moluccan/Dutch family of 9 children. They were all brought up with strong traditions, norms and values such as: being independent, taking responsibility and caring for others. 

Willem's backpack is filled with a Business HR degree, several courses and trainngs in psychology and behavourial science which he combines with loads of working experiences on operational as well as strategic and tactical level in the catering industry, HR services and retail.

He is a sucessful entrepeneur, facilitator, trainer andn coach. Apart from that he is also a negotiating partner in tactical and strategical issues and dilemmas. Because of his balanced attitude Willem carefully listens and answers or reflects in a helping way. He is modest, kind, hands on and an allround expert.  He can easily motivate people and positively influence people and processes, even the most willful managers. He does this in a respectful way, with a touch of humour but still with a clear result.


Certified for TaPas for professionals
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