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TaPas for kids


TaPas for kids

A child likes to play. It can often play for hours continuously, just with the same thing or always looking for other things. Playing is what you like to do as much as possible and what you have a lot of energy for. This is just the same for talent and passion.

If children are given the opportunity to play different roles, to discover what they like to do and see what they can do with it, they play with their talents. Whether that is already fixed or not, is not that important.

With TaPas for Kids, we want children (between 10 and 14 years old) to focus on their passions and talents. Not to pin them down to it, but to give them the chance to get a better view of themselves during their development.

For children, TaPas for Kids is the first, necessary step: how do I see myself? Which roles do I find important for myself? What drives me, what speeds up my playing and working? What am I focused on?

The unique thing about TaPas for Kids is that it happens independently to their school performances. We want to open a world that borders both adventure and discovery. For this, they will start playing with concepts with which they can map their self-image more strongly.

Within education, TaPas for Kids will therefore be connected with a way to work around talents and passions in the classroom (or outside).

Core ingredients thereof are that children are in control of themselves, that they learn to cooperate with others, but also dare to work alone. That they see their own growth evolving and can keep track of themselves, that they can interact with the teacher on that basis. The whole can be perfectly integrated into all lessons.

TaPasCity also wants to guide teachers in this, so that they not only gain insight into the talents and passions of their pupils, but that they also have the necessary tools to develop these talents and passions in their lessons and activities.

In addition, each teacher can also map out their own talents and passions for themselves and thus collaborate more easily with colleagues.

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