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TaPas for organisations


TaPas for organisations

Why does the measuring of talents & their energy make sense at every level of your organization?

Every organization has talents with which it can distinguish itself competitively. These talents often give energy, especially when the right structure is created. They are therefore good for both the organization and the employees who form the organization together. Nevertheless, in practice, it is often difficult to discover these talents and put them in the right balance to realise the added value in the organization. How does one discover talents in the organization? Which talents do a have for achieving the objectives? And how can one prevent the organization from ignoring its own talents through day-to-day worries?

Practice shows that many organizations do not make optimal use of their existing talents. As a result, they do not use the full potential to proactively implement changes that are necessary in the "constant change", inside and outside organizations

For whom is our t4-O intended?

For every leader who finds it important and valuable that the organization is fully aware of its unique mix of energetic talents, wants to create the right structure to be fully equipped for current and future challenges and changes through the full potential.

How does our t4-o distinguish itself?

The T4-O is unique on the market: it not only gauges the soul of the organization, what it is or could be, but also how talented it is in what it does or can do to have a faster impact in this changing world.

What does our t4-o do?

The unique methodology of T4-O gives your organization an integral insight into the range of possibilities that the organization has at its disposal to reach its full potential. With a consistent and unique plan of approach, the various steps are mapped out. Starting from the reason for the existence of the organization (also called CORE-Business), one starts to investigate the necessary focuses and strategies, taking into account the internal and external factors. From this, the growth opportunities of the organization are presented and linked to the existing potential for quick results.

In addition, we also examine what the impact of the organization can be, both internally and externally. The T4-O also evaluates the maturity of a work environment that may or may not motivate and reveals patterns that already determine or can determine the identity of the organization in the future. The results of the T4-O offer various relevant and inspiring perspectives that enable the organization to function 'at full potential' in the future. A high-level overview is already possible after half a day.

This often results in a clear, integral dialogue, including the following questions (Golden Circle to full Potential or Your Organization):

1 Why does the organization exist?
2 What can it strategically focus on, given a certain awareness of its uniqueness?
3 What can it strategically focus on, starting from a certain awareness about its uniqueness?
4 How can the organization grow to its full potential from a certain level of consciousness and a certain strategic focus?

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