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TaPas for professionals

talent coaching professionals

TaPas for professionals


TaPas for Professionals is a starting point for the philosophy of TaPasCity®.

Where the terms efficiency and effectiveness used to be considered an asset in a professional context in the past, you will now notice that the rapid evolution of the information society increasingly emphasises talent development.

Fundamental to the TaPas for Professionals profile, is the conviction that people will always do things better and faster from their personal talents and inner drive.

Get acquainted with an online questionnaire of 35 screens, from which a personal profile arises. The profile shows a sub-area of ​​the talents that are your personal focus, it views pitfalls that block access to your talent and it gives you insights into concrete ways to really use your talents on the work floor every day.

TaPas for Professionals is widely applicable in organizations and can be perfectly linked to the other components of TaPasCity®.

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