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TaPas for students


TaPas for students


TaPas for Students (T4-S) is a solution for both the individual pupil/student and for teachers/tutors.

T4-S is a measuring instrument to show the talents and passions of pupils and students. Target groups are pupils from the third grade of secondary education and higher education students.


Pupils and students get an overview of their talents linked to the awareness whether these talents give them energy or cost them energy.

This is linked to a number of skills with which they can use their talents faster and better. The total image of their talents and passions is thus determined at different levels, creating a particularly subtle picture.

Finally, T4-S also takes a look at the study areas in which the young people can develop their talents and their (future) potentials.

Pupils & Students 

For pupils and students, T4-S is therefore not only an aid in orienting towards a study program, but it also gives them the opportunity to better understand their optimal study strategies, roles in group work and choices for a study program.

• That way, they can decide what choices they make for themselves and see the 'risky moments' (pitfalls) coming during their trajectory. T4-S can be seen as a tool to get pupils and students in motion to use and develop their talents and thus determine their own course through the choices they make. And all this based on their own strengths and their own unique skills.

Teachers & tutors 

For teachers and tutors, T4-S offers the opportunity to expand their vision on talents and to convert them into educational processes, based on the strengths of the young people themselves.

T4-S goes much further than what the market has to offer so far: what is the importance of knowing the talents of pupils and students and how can you, as a teacher or tutor, anticipate to this? How do you adjust the teaching methods so that talent and passion can be developed in a structured way?

How can assignments be formulated so that pupils and students are motivated to use their talents and passions? How can you convert this into the policy of a secondary school, a college or university?


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