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accreditation TaPas for professionals

  • dates: you can choose 1 series of 5 days training  

series 1:

19 October / 7 November / 30 November / 7 December / 20 December 2018 

  • series 2: 

27 December / 4 January / 4 March / 8 April / 18 April 2019

series 3:

8 January / 31 January / 19 February / 12 March / 4 April 2019

between 10h and 16.30h - Zandstraat 85, Wijnegem

  • During this 5 day course, you’ll learn all about the TaPas ethos and you’ll expand your current skillset with the skills needed to work as a TaPas practioner.



TaPas for kids - additional accreditation

Tuesday 16 October 2018 or Tuesday 25 June 2019 from 9.30h till 17h.

Zandstraat 85, Wijnegem

register via karel@tapascity.com

Curious to learn more about TaPas for Kids? Coaches who are already certified, can get this fun course under their belt in one day! T4K is as of now still the “junior” instrument in our TaPas toolkit. We try and map out the talents and passions of 10 to 14 year olds. What makes Tapas for Kids unique is that we try and achieve this goal in two different ways. Firstly we use certain presumptions, just like the other tools. We also use archetypes. These consist of cards with various, diverse roles. Teenagers can pick certain roles that match their personality and this sheds a clear light on their subjective vision on their talents & the development of their TaPas image. T4K is not an online tool, it is more like a briefcase. Kids  pick cards that can be read, using a scanner. 10-14 year olds face an important decision regarding their future school prospects twice in that short period of time. You’ll understand that these children need a lot of guidance and orientation regarding those decisions. 
Our TaPas knowledge offers a unique and completive vision on the already existing tools. We add a way of thinking that often lacks elsewhere : what are my strong points and what drives me? TaPas for Kids is the perfect assist, not only to help children chose their future education but also to help them develop study strategies and teach them to how to learn. That’s how you keep students continuously energised!


TaPas for students - additional accreditation

Thursday 27 June 2019 from 9.30h till 17h

Zandstraat 85, Wijnegem 

register via karel@tapascity.com

TaPas education translates the TaPas knowhow in an educational context.

The TaPas profile maps both talents (what am I good at?) as well as passion (what do I like doing?).

The TaPas for students profile is the ideal start to make the right choice of study, to learn how to study and to learn how to make choices based on talent and passion.

TaPas for organizations - accreditation

Saturday 27 October / Saturday 10 November / Saturday 24 November 2018

between 10h and 16h

The accreditation trainer is Kris Debisschop who developed the T4O.  

location: in the Antwerp area (precise location is not yet determined).
info and register via kris@tapascity.com 

Is Appel's or Umicore's success related to the talents of its individual employees and/or its CEO? Or is it possible that the organizations themselves have talents that contribute to that success?
During the accreditation you learn why organizations have talents, what these are and how you can examine them with the TaPas For Organizations (T4-O).  You learn how you  can analyse, describe and reflect an organization completely  based on the T4O.  You discover how you can (re)start a multilayered qualitative dialogue at the beginning or during a change process.
This accreditation offers  both theoretical  structures as well as various practical cases in order to fully understand what the T4O is about.  You will be the first to work with the latest 2.0 version of the T4O.
You learn why it is essential that employees can fully connect with the organizational talents in an positive way - the same way as it is essential that they can connect with the values of the organization. You will also find out how the difference between talent and passion - what makes TaPas unique - can be extended on organizational level. You will discover how the managers' drivers effect the structure of the organization. Apart from that the organization itself also has specific drivers that can either energize and connect the organization with its talents or disconnect which results in a survival modus.

During the accreditation you will experience yourself how powerful and essential talentmanagement is in change processes - especially if you can combine this on individual (T4P) as well as on organizational level (T4O). We will show you how to do this exactly … .



Would you also like to acquire the necessary TaPas know-how to get started as a TaPas practitioner, coach or facilitator?

Then you can register at one of our courses.

TaPasCity always guarantees the quality that practitioners, coaches and facilitators offer and therefore invests in lifelong learning.

Our TaPas crew is regularly given the opportunity to further develop their own talents and passion within our organization.

That is why we plan different learning moments during the year.


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