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How the puzzle of TaPas is being laid

When I was a teacher I met a lot of students. Each of them with their own personality, ambition, character, talents and passion.

Most of those students just disappear out of your life and you never see them again. Others do cross your path at a certain moment in time.

Such as these two gentlemen: Kristof en Tim.

I still see them sitting in my class room. Two young guys discovering and challenging themselves and the world around them. Each in their own way they develop their own talents.

Kristof often loses himself in stories and books. He consumes words like they are his favourite candy. In third grade he is way ahead of the average level in English class. I like to challenge him to further develop at his own pace and I give him the whole Harry Potter series that he can read in class - of course in the original English version. A challenge he is more than willing to take. At the back of the class he withdraws in his own world of stories and he finishes one book after the other. As a reward I often get a glimpse of his face expressing joy and gratefulness and at the end of every lesson he proudly tells me what he has read.

Tim on the other hand strikes me because of his technical expertise in class. Every time a computer fails or loses connection with the internet, every time a computer programme won't run or a dvd won't start he fixes it without a doubt. He is not much of a talker but he always succeeds in helping me out so I can focus my energy on my job as a teacher. I am still grateful for all this support.

Some years later, five to be precise, I meet Kristof and Tim again. Still two young guys who have grown in experience, expertise and knowledge. And I see how they have further developed their talents and passion. They now work together as a team and develop websites. Just what we needed for TaPasCity.

When I talk to Kristof about our plans for a new website I immediately recognize his love for languages and stories. He instantly dives into the storyline of TaPas und understands what we want to tell people. 

Tim listens carefully and focuses more on the technical part. He's taking notes on how to structure, code and build the website. 

The pieces of the TaPas puzzle are being laid.

And I, I am grateful and proud that I can learn so much from these guys.

It is wonderful to see how the combination of their talents and passion create our story.

Kristof and Tim, Be proud of your TaPas!

You, who reads our story, enjoy it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Katrien De Schrijver

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