• "Everyone has talent - what is rare is the courage to follow the talent where it leads" - Amelia Earhart



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At TaPasCity, we are convinced that everyone has talents that allow them to stand out in the environment in which they live, study and work. Each of us has the right to understand those distinctive talents and the energy associated with them. This allows us to get to know our unique value and learn to harness it in our own personal way.

TaPasCity and the Tapas profile were developed from the insight that in today's information society, developments around the Talents and Passion of employees and students will play an ever-increasing role in which we can offer specific psychometric tools and guidance for each age group from 10 years onwards. In a nutshell? TaPasCity helps you discover your talents and passions, regardless of age and objective.

TAPASTM is an abbreviation of TAlent and PASsie where we use the following definition of these terms:
Talent is the unique ability to do things faster, better and with less effort than others.
Passion is the energy source that keeps your talent moving.

The Tapas mindset holds the belief that each individual possesses a unique combination of talents that can give him or her energy (passion) with which to stand out within an organisation. We explain how we look at Tapas for children, young people and schools on the Tapas Education page. We collected our views on Tapas for all other organisations under the heading Tapas Business.

Tapas coach and practitioner Gina Peeters has the talent to explain in great detail what we do and what we stand for:



For whom?

Who is eligible for our services and tools?


Employee and employer


You want to get to know yourself better & manage your own energy better. You want to discover which professional context you need to better use and develop your passion talents.

As a student, you want to better understand which study choice you can make, which course is tailor-made for you and/or be able to deal with the challenges of your current course.

We very often use the words "talent" and "passion", but where does the difference with competences really lie and how can you map that out?

TaPasCity has developed its own method for this, which is fully scientifically based and provides answers to the following questions:

- Who am I as a person - which values and norms are important to me also as a professional?
- What are my talents and to what extent do they (still) give me energy?
- What pallet of Talents & Passion do I have? And how much of it do I actually deploy?
- Which skills support my talents?
- What conditions do I need to use my talents successfully?
- Do I feel that what I do as a professional matches who I want to be as a person?
- Is there a strong connection between me and the organisation I work for?

In this way, we map out a holistic picture for the individual, the team and the organisation.



Primary and higher education


In our education, we start from what children and young people cannot do. Then we map out what they have failed to learn. So we only work with half of our children and young people.

We want to identify talents and passion of children, adolescents and young adults to start from what they can. We choose to see those talents and passions in a developmental perspective. Children and young people should be given the opportunity to experiment with their strengths in learning. That is what we want to go for, both in schools and in private contexts.

We map talents by initially letting children and young people do it for themselves. Their perception of what they are good at and enjoy doing is the starting point for developing talents and passion. We choose not to do this at the level of knowledge areas (you are good at maths), but at the level of skills underlying all knowledge areas: skills linked to problem-solving, social skills and skills to achieve a result.

In addition, we identify what children and young people do when they cannot use their talents. This can be caused by the context or by too much stress. All the constructs we measure are mutually combinable, giving a very focused picture of talents and passion at that moment.


Starting from a number of tools for mapping talent and passion, we get to work with individual coaching of pupils. This can range from study choice, to study method, to a longer personal pathway, whether or not linked to a specific need, need or disability.

We work with schools to make their education more talent-oriented. To this end, we work with teachers (lessons or projects), with principals and student supervisors (school policy and evaluation policy) or with pupils (sample projects). Where necessary, we first work with the teaching team to identify their talents and passions in order to work on strengthening the team.



Business and Schools


You want to gain insight into the talents and passion of your school or your organisation - separate from the individual talents of employees.

You want to know what the talents and passion of your team members are and understand the context they need to use and develop their talents so that they can grow as a team - both within education and in a business environment.

We reveal the true dynamics of your organisation in order to proactively address retention, keep employees interested and connected. That way, you not only keep your own organisation fresh and healthy, but also stay alert to stay ahead of the competition.

We set up a distinctive Talent Development programme that crosses competences and behaviour - and really wants to give space to and deploy the Talent & Passion of employees.



Tapas clients

A small sample of clients who worked with us to find the talent and passion of their employees and students.



Feedback and quotes from our customers can be found on the pages Business and Education.




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