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  • When talent & passion come together, great things happen.

    TaPasCity helps you find out what your talents & passion are.


tapas city


At TaPasCity we are convinced that everyone has talent with which they can distinguish themselves in the environment in which they live, study and work. Each of us has the right to gain insight into those distinctive talents and the energy associated with them. This allows us to get to know our unique value and learn to use it in our own personal way.

TaPasCity and the Tapas profile were developed based on the insight that in today's information society, developments around the Talents and the Passion of employees and students will play an increasingly important role.

In a nutshell? TaPasCity helps you discover your talents and passions.

Our story


written by Marc Debisschop, founder of TaPasCity


Imagine being allowed to work, live and study from your own being, from who you are with your own unique talents, from your values and norms, from your focus, from what you want to achieve in life.


Suppose both our education system and our organizations would make that possible. We would live in a world where everyone can realize their existential dream from their own being and their own motivations. A world that offers room to recognize your talents in yourself and then develop them to the maximum, because everyone has a talent that makes him unique and distinctive.

Why TapasCity

TaPas as sparringpartner

As individual

You want to get to know yourself better & manage your own energy better. You want to understand what choice of study you can make or which professional context you need to use and to develop your passion and talents better.

As a Team

You want to know the talents and passion of your team members and understand the context they need to use and develop their talents so that they can grow as a team - both within education and in a business environment.

As an organisation

You want to gain insight into the talents and passion of your school or your organization - regardless of the individual talents of the employees.


Our Tapas approach

Because every question deserves a tailor-made answer, we use our own talents and passion to build up a personalized process. Feel free to contact us.

TaPas all the way

Onwards to success

Philippe Pyrsen, HR Director at Johnson & Johnson

The Tapas questionnaire helps to ensure that people start working with a "twinkle in the eye". Almost literally. And if not, it gives at least a framework to rekindle the "twinkle". Marc's enthusiasm and drive clearly shows that he has chosen his personal TAPAS!


Glenn Van Dael, CEO - Modis Belgium

From Modis we offer added value to our customers by focusing strongly on our own professionals in addition to working on new health solutions. Because of this it is very important that we can attract and develop the right talents within our company, TaPasCity guides us in this process. Linking all our employees with that mission and linking their own talents and passion with objectives is essential in our success story.


Katrien Montebovi, Manager Efeso Consulting

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom - and of strong leadership. To be able to grow further in this, I was looking for a scientifically based approach that gives people a clear view of "knowing who you are". Tapas provides a common language among people in a very respectful way, and allows yourself or your team to have a very concrete conversation about strengths and weaknesses so that the actions naturally come to the surface. Don't hesitate, do it!


Stefan Kennis, Head of Data & Analytics, Brussels Airport

We recently had a 2-day offsite training facilitated by TaPasCity: 1 day about Insights and 1 day about our team strategy. Marc Debisschop is a great coach, who is incredibly strong to understand everyone's personality and team dynamics in no time, and then to get started. His methodology to make our strategy clear and concrete was also amazing. In addition, I enjoyed the ease and speed of response regarding everything that concerns organization and administration. Thank you to TaPasCity for this very fruitful 2-day training.


Jurgen Stevens, HR Director BruTextiles

For me, the Tapas accreditation is a valuable basis to offer support in the rollout of the Human Resources Strategic Plan. Since themes such as quality recruitment, talent management, retention, etc. will be fundamental to the growth of organizations, I myself am more and more convinced of the added value of the Tapas philosophy. The Tapas profile is a fantastic tool for objectifying, questioning, initiating the thinking process at the coachee and jointly searching for a more optimal working environment.

TaPas Believers

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