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In our teaching, we start from what children and young people cannot do. Then we map out what they have failed to learn. So we only work with half of our children and young people.

We want to identify talents and passion of children, adolescents and young adults to start from what they can. We choose to see those talents and passions in a developmental perspective. Children and young people should be given the opportunity to experiment with their strengths in learning. That is what we want to go for, both in schools and in private contexts.

Below, we are happy to list our available psychometric tools and guidance programmes for pupils as young as 10 to students in higher education. These instruments are described in more detail on our "Tools" page.

Tapas for Kids

For pupils aged 10 to 12


A child loves to play. Often it can play for hours at a stretch with the same thing over and over again, or keep looking for different toys. Playing is what the child likes to do a lot and has a lot of energy for. It is just the same for talent and passion. When children are given the opportunity to play different roles, discover what they like to do and see what they can do with it, they actually 'play' with their talents.

With Tapas for Kids, we want children (between 10 and 14 years old) to focus on their passions and talents. Not to pin them down on them, but to give them the opportunity in their development to get a better view of themselves. This is where Tapas for Kids is the first, necessary step: how do I look at myself? What roles do I consider important for myself? What drives me, what accelerates my playing and working? What am I focused on?

More information on this tool can be found on this page.

Tapas for Teens

From 12 to 17 years


The Tapas 4 Teens (T4Teens) is primarily intended for students aged between 12 and 17, regardless of their study background or level of study, so ALSO for young people who are tired of school or no longer attend school and do not immediately have a view of 'where to go from here'.

The Tapas 4 Teens questionnaire is fun and easy to fill in and produces a crystal-clear report. In it, it becomes clear what YOUR talents are and where you can use and/or further develop them.

So: whether you are a pupil who is already doing well or you rather feel like a 'maverick', the Tapas4Teens has been developed especially for YOU.

Tapas for Students

For higher education study choices


Tapas for Students (T4-S) is a solution for both individual pupils/students and teachers/teachers. It is a measuring instrument to visualise pupils' and students' talents and passions. Target groups are pupils in the third stage of secondary education and students in higher education.

Pupils and students get an overview of their talents linked to the awareness of whether those talents give them energy or cost them energy. This is linked to a set of skills that will help them use their talents faster and better. The overall picture of their talents and passions is thus determined at different levels, creating a particularly fine-grained picture and casting a glance at the fields of study in which young people can develop their talents and their (future) potential.

More information on this tool can be found on this page.



Feedback from Tapas-believers

A small selection of feedback from people who have experience with our Education tools.

Pieter Wuyts
Lector Marketing, Karel de Grote Hogeschool
"The Tapas profiles help our students enormously in their professional search for who they are and how they interact with others. The personal reports the students receive bring clarity (suddenly) as to why some subjects go so easily, and other subjects seem to take an endlessly long time, why group work is so difficult with some people and then simply enjoyable with others. Students learn to recognise situations better, allowing them to adjust their own behaviour to get out of deadlocks or difficult situations. Best of all, students discover what gets them 'in the flow' and seem to perform immensely with apparently little effort. Highly recommended!"

Ilse Cuypers
Docent Frans en Spaans, Karel de Grote Hogeschool
"A unique opportunity and true revelation for many of them! This energy scan is part of the Business and Languages study track over three years: a powerful tool to visualise your personal energy and preferred behaviour and ultimately find the job that suits you best! Many thanks to the congenial crew of Tapascity!"

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