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  • When talent & passion come together, great things happen.

    TaPas helps you find out what your talents & passion are. 


Notre mission Tapas

Déjà au début du XXe siècle Amelia Earhart laissa sa carrière d'infirmière derrière elle et décida de suivre la voie de son talent et de sa passion.

Non seulement cela a changé sa vie mais cela a aussi donné un nouvel envol innovateur à l’ensemble du secteur de l'aviation qui distingue aujourd'hui encore par son caractère révolutionaire. Chez TaPasCity, nous sommes convaincus que chaque individu a du talent avec lequel il peut se démarquer dans sa vie privée, ses études et à son travail. Chacun de nous a le droit de découvrir les talents qu'il possède et l’énergie qu'ils peuvent lui procurer. Cela nous permet de connaître notre valeur et d'apprendre à l'utiliser à notre propre façon.

Et nous pouvons ainsi vivre, faire nos études et travailler selon nos propres TaPas

Notre histoire



Amelia Earhart était infirmière au début du XXe siècle. Elle choisit de suivre son talent et sa passion : l'aviation. Non seulement, cela changea sa vie, mais aussi celle du secteur de l’aviation : le « vol » fut innovant et se distingue jusqu'au jour d'aujourd'hui par son caractère révolutionnaire


Tapas en qualité de sparring-partner


Vous souhaitez mieux vous connaitre et avoir plus d'emprise sur votre énergie. Vous voulez mieux comprendre ce dont vous êtes capable ou ce dont vous avez besoin afin de mieux utiliser et développer vos talents et passion


Vous voulez connaitre les talents et passion des membres de votre équipe et comprendre ce dont ils ont besoin pour utiliser et développer leurs talents afin de pouvoir se développer en tant qu'équipe – aussi bien en interne que dans un autre environnement


Vous voulez connaitre ou vous démarquer des talents et passion des employés.


Chaque question méritant une réponse sur mesure, nous utilisons nos propres talents et passion pour créer un trajet personnalisé

TaPas all the way


Jonhson & Johnson

“ Because of the TaPas questionnaire people go to work with a “twinkle in th eye” – almost literally. And if not, it provides a framework to reignite that twinkle. Marc’s enthusiasm and passion clearly shows he has chosen for his personal TaPas!”

Philippe Pyrsen - HR Director - Johnson & Johnson

CMAST coaching

“ CMAST creates added value for the customers by contributing to the creation and development of innovative healthcare solutions and by focusing strongly on our own professionals. It is important to attract and develop the right talents in the organization. TaPasCity guides us in that process. Together we shape our business culture and our mission. Linking all our employees to this mission and connecting their own talents and passion to clear goals is essential in our success story. Working this way with TaPasCity has given us structure, direction and organizational stability. The TaPas method helped us to screen our professionals and map them with the inner drivers of our organization. This should result in a more sustainable relation between employee and organization which also leads to higher performance and retention.”

Glenn Van Dael - CEO - CMAST

efseo consulting

“ Selfknowledge is the beginning of all wisdom - and of strong leadership. In order to further develop this knowledge I was looking for a scientifically based approach. One that clearly gives you insights in “who you are” without any judgement. I found it in TaPas. What strikes me is the focus on diversity and the uniqueness of each of us, without labelling. TaPas creates a common respectful language that people can use to talk about strengths and weaknesses. Through this dialogue actions follow as an obvious result. These insights are energizing and are essential for every individual, team and organisation. Also Marc’s warm, clear and enthusiastic support and guidance really boost this approach. Do not hesitate, just do it!”

Katrien Montebovi - Manager - Efeso Consulting

dialogues house

“ The TaPas questionnaire is a great tool that has given me insights in my talents and passion and the amount of energy it gives or consumes. For me it was an eye opener to see what a working environment has to provide in order for you to be able to connect to your talents. The profound profile and Marc’s feedback session offer more depth and tools that enable you to manage your own talents again.”

Laura Ozinga - Innovatiemanager - Dialogues House


“ When I first came across TaPas it was a hit. I saw a complete holistic image! Immediately I saw the various possibilities for our students in sixth grade – how it would help them to make a good choice of study in higher education. The feedback of the first test students was very promising: “Never before did I have the opportunity to talk about myself and how I function in such a way that really provides so much insights.” Students get to know what their talents are, what energizes them, how they function and how they can take all of that into account if they choice what they want to study. I definitely want to finish the additional accreditation T4S so I can use this at school to guide students in their process of making the right choices based on their talents and passion.”

Steph Carron - Koninklijk Atheneum Halle

TaPas Believers

They chose to fly with us